Natural Home Remedies Against Dry Skin

Natural Home Remedies Against Dry Skin

Dry skin has always been an issue for so many people. However, instead of stressing over it, you can create some home remedies that will help rehydrate the skin

Apply Olive Oil as Cleanser on Dry Skin

According to professionals, olive oil is a natural oil that cleanses and moisturizes naturally without affecting your face natural oil. To do this, you rub need to apply the oil into your skin then place a cloth that is damped in warm water over your face until it loses its heat. After which excess oil can be wiped.

You can also make a natural moisturizing scrub from olive oil and sugar. It is easy to make and use, all you need to do is, mix half cup of sugar, two (2) tablespoon of olive oil, and lavender for natural fragrance together. Rub and scrub the already made scrub into your skin.

Use Aloe Vera on Dry skin

Aloe verA aside being useful for the relief of sunburn, it is great in dry months because it helps in removing irritation and redness that may arise due to the presence of excess dryness. It has also been known to have other large area benefits, however, it is advisable to test its suitability before embarking on large skin area application.

Soaked Oatmeal will Rehydrate the Skin

Rehydrate your skin with a warm oatmeal bath. Oatmeal is a smoothening product that absorbs and stores moisture from bathwater in the skin. Add 1 cup of oatmeal to warm water to help to naturally reduce dry skin.

Coconut Oil, Your Moisturizing cream

Specialists have verified that coconut oil is a verified moisturizer that can be applied to both heels and hand to clear breakage or dryness. After the application of coconut oil on the preferred area, cover with no latex gloves.

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