‘Big Brother‘ Fans Are Pissed at Jackson for “Gaslighting” Holly During Their Massive Fight

‘Big Brother‘ Fans Are Pissed at Jackson for “Gaslighting” Holly During Their Massive Fight

@Amanda Lundgren

Looks like there’s trouble in paradise for BB21’s last-standing showmance. Now that Bella, Nick, Jack, and Analyse are all out of the Big Brother house, Jackson and Holly are the only remaining couple…but they might not last much longer. The two got in a massive lovers’ quarrel, and it was messy as hell.

Here’s how it went down. First, Holly refused to tell Christie and Tommy something she told Jackson in private. Then, Jackson tried to get her to say the “three words,” but Holly said no.

When Jackson woke up in the morning, Holly claims he ignored her by not saying “good morning” and getting ready without acknowledging her. This led her to call Jackson a “f*cking asshole,” which set him off.

Irate that Holly called him out, Jackson said he’s been “nothing but supportive.” He also complained that she was making him look bad to his family and friends back home, the other houseguests, and America.

Holly apologized for her comment, saying it came from built-up frustration, but Jackson wasn’t having it.

“I’m not about to be embarrassed on national television when everything I do is for you,” he said. “I’m not gonna sit there and get disrespected.” The fight went on for a while.

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