Charlotte Flair Opens Up On Her Journey To The Top Of WWE

Charlotte Flair Opens Up On Her Journey To The Top Of WWE

Charlotte Flair said that while she wanted to honour her father’s legacy, she has successfully made a place for herself in a male dominated industry.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Charlotte Flair said that women should not let anything hold them back from achieving whatever it is that they wish for. The ten-time women’s champion was in India recently, visiting the cities of Mumbai and Bengaluru. The daughter of the legendary Ric Flair, Charlotte has gone on to mint her own legacy in the WWE. “While I wanted to honour my father’s legacy, I have successfully made a place for myself in a male dominated industry,” she told IANS. 

“I proved to the world that if you set out to achieve something and put every second, minute and hour of your life working towards it, you can achieve anything you want. I used to be extremely afraid of my shadow seven years ago, but now I am the face of a huge brand like WWE.

“As for my message to other women, if they find something, they are extremely passionate towards, age and previous mistakes they may have made in their lives are not barriers for what they can achieve now. Everyone must try and find something that helps them stay true to who they are, and they must make every opportunity count.”

Flair was part of Wrestlemania 35 in April, in which the WWE staged an all-female main event for the first time ever. When asked when she thinks such an event may occur again, Flair said she hoped in the very next Wrestlemania itself that is scheduled to be held in Tampa, Florida in April 2020.

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