Will & Grace Star Shelley Morrison Dead at 83

Will & Grace Star Shelley Morrison Dead at 83

Actress Shelley Morrison died at the age of 83, her representatives confirmed on Sunday evening. Morrison was best known for her role as the sharp-witted maid Rosario Salazar on Will & Grace, a recurring role which she portrayed throughout all eight seasons of the show’s original run, from 1999-2006. Morrison reportedly died of heart failure following an illness.

Though Morrison was best known for her role in the hit NBC sitcom, she enjoyed a lengthy career in Hollywood films and television, beginning with guest roles on series likeGeneral HospitalThe Outer Limits, and Gunsmoke in the ’60s. She went onto enjoy a series-long role as Sister Sixto from The Flying Nun and starred in films like Fools Rush In and Shark Tale. She most recently lent her vocal talents to the kids’ series Handy Manny.

All four leading stars of Will & Grace paid tribute to the actress on social media after the news of her death on Sunday night. Megan Mullally, whom she often shared the screen with during her time on Will & Grace, responded to the news shortly thereafter, writing, “thank you for your friendship & partnership, Shell.” Eric McCormack also wrote, “Shelley was a beautiful soul [and] a wonderful actor. Her work as Rosario, season after season, was as nuanced and real as it was hysterical.” Meanwhile, Debra Messing added, “Shelley had a career that spanned decades, but she will always be our dear Rosie. She was a kind soul with a huge heart and always had a smile on her face.” And Sean Hayes wrote, “She was absolutely hilarious and had the biggest heart.”



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