Lizzo Went a Little Crazy at the Lakers Game Sunday Night

Lizzo Went a Little Crazy at the Lakers Game Sunday Night

Lizzo was sitting courtside for the Lakers matchup with the Timberwolves Sunday night. As we posted earlier, she claimed she was a really big fan of Karl-Anthony Towns, but that wasn’t the only news she made. The Grammy-nominated singer got a little carried away a bit later.

Lizzo, Melissa Viviane Jefferson
Lizzo at the Lakers, Timberwolves game | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

While the Laker Girls danced a routine to her song “Juice,” Lizzo danced in the stands, then pulled up her dress to show off her thong. Yeah, that’s a thing that actually happened.

It’s worth noting, she was not ejected from the arena after doing that.

The Lakers won 142-125 and Anthony Davis dropped 50 points while LeBron James went for 32. Despite those performances, all anyone is talking about is the show Lizzo gave the fans at Staples Center.

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