Sexy Jesy Nelson tops 2020’s Fit List after her battle with vile online trolls

Sexy Jesy Nelson tops 2020’s Fit List after her battle with vile online trolls

Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson has been rated 2020’s fittest female celebrity after struggling to love her body.

It’s been a very difficult year for the 28-year-old songstress who has battled with vile online trolls.

She hit headlines after her BBC Three documentary Odd One Out went viral – which told of the disgusting abuse from Internet trolls about the way she looks.

Now Jesy has been praised as one of the most body-positive women in the world for sharing her heartbreaking journey to self-love.

Heat magazine have placed the singer at the top of their Fit List as they celebrate 30 fitness-positive women of the year.

Jesy Nelson is first on the Fit List
She’s more confident than ever with her body (Image: instagram)

And after therapy and support from her family and friends, the star is in a much better place – now on a mission to help other women feel the same.

Stunning Jesy told the publication: “I didn’t know what it felt like to be happy.

“I have overcome that now, but there must be so many women and girls that don’t feel good in themselves and are struggling with mental illness.

Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson in BBC Three’s Odd One Out (Image: BBC)
She spoke about the horrible abuse she’s received (Image: BBC)

“And I thought if I’ve overcome that, I want people to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

She also admitted it’s “mad how society expects us to look”, adding how she thinks “everybody has a preconception you’re supposed to be perfect looking”.

Jesy said she still has days when she feels “sh*t” in herself, but instead of beating herself up about it, she’ll have a sad moment and then get over it.

Jesy and her loving boyfriend Chris Hughes (Image:
J-Lo looks incredible (Image: Getty Images)

The fit list sees J-Lo take up the second spot as she turns 50 this year and is more glowing than ever.

She’s incredibly disciplined in both her workouts and her diet, but she does this to make the most of her body, rather than to shape it into something it’s not.

While TV presenter Rochelle Humes, 30, takes the third place.

Rochelle showed off her toned figure in the skimpy swimsuit (Image: nstagram)

And Stacey Solomon, 30, who recently welcomed her third son Rex and is applauded for the impact her honesty has had on women.

Stacey revealed: “I love my body. Even the bits society say shouldn’t be there.

Stacey Solomon posed for Primark (Image: Primark)


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