Watch Jennifer Aniston scare the hell out of people on the Friends set

Watch Jennifer Aniston scare the hell out of people on the Friends set

Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime; Give newly minted SAG Award winner Jennifer Aniston the reins of a talk show, and she uses her power to wreak havoc on unsuspecting fans for one day only.

Though she plays a seasoned anchor on season 1 of Apple TV+’s hit drama The Morning Show, Aniston will make her real-life hosting debut Friday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she isn’t taking the gig lightly.

Having spent 10 years on the Warner Bros. lot filming Friends — where Ellen is filmed — Aniston seized the opportunity to return to her old studio stomping grounds and scare the hell out of fans visiting the beloved sitcom’s set.

Aniston took up perch behind the famous couch from the show’s Central Perk set, where unsuspecting visitors posed for a photo before the actress leapt out to surprise them. Highlights from the gag include Aniston confronting a pair of ladies who revealed David Schwimmer‘s Ross and Matt LeBlanc‘s Joey are their favorite cast members and telling a very skeptical young woman that she was not, in fact, a body double simply wearing a Jennifer Aniston mask.

“Are you real? So you really film here?” the petrified woman asks. “I live here,” Aniston quips back.

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